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    1098T Tax Forms | Email and Web Access Problems | Email the Greenville Help Desk |
  • ECPI Greenville Student Dress Code

    Every Day:

    Clothing is to be clean, properly fitted, and in good repair.

    Clothing must not be torn, frayed, ripped, or have holes.

    Health Science students may have additional program specific dress requirements please consult with your department head.

    (Day students only):

    Men will wear a collared shirt.

    Ladies will wear a dress-shirt, dress, or blouse.

    Leg wear must be dress pants, slacks, khakis, capris, or skirts that at least reach the top of the knee. *Jeans and denim are not permitted on Wednesdays.

    Foot wear must be dress shoes, flats, heels, or dress boots. *Sandals, flip-flops, crocks, sneakers, and tennis shoes are not permitted on Wednesdays.

    Never on Campus:

    Do-rags, stocking caps, skullcaps, and/or bandanas.

    Clothing with derogatory, offensive and/or lewd messages either in words or pictures.

    Clothing that exposes the midriff area, cleavage, bare shoulders, or that is see-through.

    Pants that show underwear or shorts that reveal buttocks.

    Bare feet.

    Never in the Classroom:

    Sunglasses, head coverings, baseball caps and/or hoods.

    (This policy item does not apply to headgear considered as a part of religious or cultural dress.)

    If you are not in dress code:

    You are still expected to participate in class, unless your dress poses a significant distraction to the class or a health/safety concern.

    You will lose 1/2 of that days attendance and/or participation points

    If you repeatedly violate dress code your department head may call you before a Judicial Review Board.

Site news

Picture of Christopher Medina
by Christopher Medina - Tuesday, 13 May 2014, 05:22 PM

ECPI University has partnered with iGrad to offer students an innovative and personalized way to learn about personal finance.  This entertaining software will help you with practical money management, one-on-one federal student loan repayment advice, your resume, your job search, all using games and more. These resources are invaluable and available to you as a student of ECPI University.  

To access iGrad, please go to:  

Sign up now! It is personalized to your specific area of study with  information tailored to your interests and career goals.  

Learn about budgeting, banking, savings, taxes, insurance, financial aid, investing, identity theft and more.

Explore personalized articles, videos and resources that pertain to your field of study. Play a game to test your knowledge like Financial Football, Beware of Spyware or The Financial Game of Life.  

Search for jobs in your field of study in your city, by job type or by location.  Get your resume critiqued.  

Complete any 3 course modules under the Financial Literacy section and get an ECPI University T-shirt (while supplies last).  

Picture of Walter Brock
FA Announcement
by Walter Brock - Thursday, 20 March 2014, 11:50 AM

The 2014-15 Free Application for Federal Student Aid is now available.  In order to continue receiving financial assistance after July 1, 2014, the FAFSA must be completed.  Please renew your 2014-15 FAFSA online at The ECPI University school code is 010198 or E01697 for the Greenville campus. You will need your 2013 taxes and W2 to complete this process. If you need assistance, please stop by the Financial Aid office.


Failure to complete the FAFSA as required implies you plan to pay cash for your tuition prior to starting the next academic year. Once you have completed your application please email or You will receive a new award letter after everything has been processed.


  • If you are single and were born before January 1, 1991, use your taxes only.
  • If you were born after January 1, 1991 and are single with no dependents, use your parents’ taxes in addition to your own and have them sign where needed. 
  • If you are married, use your spouse’s taxes in addition to your own. 


Picture of Walter Brock
Weather Advisory
by Walter Brock - Thursday, 20 March 2014, 11:50 AM

Information on closings and delays can always be found at: and

Picture of Walter Brock
IRS 1098-T Forms
by Walter Brock - Tuesday, 14 January 2014, 02:08 PM
1098-T forms will be going out in the mail within the next couple of days. They are being mailed out by ECSI, our billing service. A 1098T is delivered to each student enrolled in a regular program taken for academic credit, that attended at least half-time and who made a payment to tuition/fees during the current tax year (2013), including Title IV aid payments. (CE programs do not meet this description)

Students may also use the web interface, to retrieve their 1098Ts electronically or call 1-866-428-1098 to request the 1098T or ask basic questions about this form. If you decide to access the 1098T at the website, please use school code T3 for ECPI University.

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